Empowering Lives Through Entertainment: The WorldMaidens Journey

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Saint Alexandra Entertainment’s history, a transformative shift occurred, birthing the entity we now know as WorldMaidens.  Originally established as a healthcare service in 2013, the company underwent a significant metamorphosis, attaining Entertainment registration in England and Wales in 2022 under the moniker Saint Alexandra and subsequently WorldMaidens.

The Medicinal Essence of Music and Entertainment 

At the heart of this evolution lies a profound belief that Music and Entertainment hold healing powers for both the body and mind.  WorldMaidens recognizes Entertainment as a potent source of good health, capable of delivering happiness and joy that transcends time—a narrative creating a legacy.  The very essence of a life without Entertainment prompts contemplation of its undeniable impact on our well-being.

Anita Alexus Okocha: A Journey Ignited by Compassion and Empathy 

The inception of WorldMaidens can be traced back to Anita Alexus Okocha’s pivotal moment during her coverage of the Olympic games in Australia.  A transformative encounter with a poignant news segment featuring an ailing NHS elderly patient sparked a deep well of compassion within Anita.  Witnessing the patient’s struggle to access food due to a lack of staff left an indelible mark, driving Anita to take action.

Driven by compassion and empathy, Anita embarked on an unconventional journey.  With no prior nursing experience, she took the courageous step of reaching out to the UK Home Office to express her desire to contribute to nursing.  The supportive response from the UK Home Office marked the beginning of WorldMaiden’s unique trajectory.

From Media to the Intensive Care Unit: A Fulfilling Pathway 

Today, Anita stands proudly as a nurse who has cared for Coronavirus patients in the Intensive Care Unit from 2020 to 2023.  Nursing, in her words, is not just a vocation; it is a priceless career that brings healing to humanity.  While she acknowledges missing the thrill and deadline pressure of the media, Anita found a profound fulfillment in merging healthcare and entertainment.

Ideas Rule the World: The Fusion of Healthcare and Entertainment 

In a short media interview, Anita articulates the fusion of healthcare and entertainment as a means to offer healing, joy, and happiness to humanity.  Unveiling her passion for music, Anita, a soprano singer, recognizes music as a universal language that connects individuals across age, race, culture, and background.  WorldMaidens Music Entertainment, under Anita’s visionary leadership, stands as a testament to the belief in “Togetherness”—a driving force for building success collectively.

A Commitment to Human Life Improvement

Anita’s educational journey, culminating in her graduation from The University of the West of England in Bristol, reflects her dedication to continuous learning. Numerous courses from esteemed institutions like New Buckinghamshire University and The West London underscore her commitment to excellence in healthcare and entertainment.

Building Success Through Togetherness: WorldMaidens’ Vision 

WorldMaidens Music Entertainment’s core philosophy revolves around the exceptional passion for music and the profound belief that music creates connections that transcend barriers.  With a firm belief in “Togetherness,” WorldMaidens aims to contribute to a world where collective efforts lead to success.

In the grand narrative of WorldMaidens, care, support, and a shared commitment to improving human life take center stage.  As Anita embraces her role as a nurse and entertainer, she finds satisfaction and fulfillment in the fusion of these two industries, forging a unique source of healing, joy, and healthy living.  Through WorldMaidens, ideas truly rule the world, paving the way for a harmonious blend of healthcare and entertainment. 

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