Nigerians are great musicians, whichever country you find them. Victoria-Joy Nonye Okocha, (aka) Nonye Toria, was born and raised in Lagos and England. She is from a Royal Bloodline in Delta State, Nigeria. Nonye is enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated to achieving a successful career in Music, knowing how competitive the entertainment industry is and how tough it can be for new artists to break through worldwide. Entertainment is a thing of joy.

Nonye left for England at the age of 13. She has a passion for Music which has been part of her life since childhood. While in Lagos as a child, she attended Preston Nursery and Daycare School at 18 months old and progressed to Catholic Dominican Nursery and Primary School and Hope Bay College, Lagos. She attended Red Maid Girls College in Bristol, England. She later went to Henley on Thames College and the University of Hull. Nonye also studied Media and Communication Science in Budapest.

Nonye decided to make Music her career and returned to Lagos from England to learn local languages and broken English to enhance her dream of Afrobeat Music. Meanwhile, this is interesting to know about an event at Dominican school where Nonye was a pupil and the lead singer and dancer, and guess what? Something happened that shined Nonye’s intelligence and commitment. While the pupils entertained the guest, the main electricity supply went off, and it was dark. Nonye led her dancing and singing team and continued singing and dancing until the light turned on. She was only eight years old, and the dance continued as if nothing had happened.

Nonye received praise from the Music teacher “Lydia” and the Reverend Sisters that run the school. Nonye was the lead singer and dancer of the Sarafina Musical Club at Dominican Primary School in Lagos.

In addition, Nonye joined a Mo-Town band at East Berkshire College Langley, UK, where she performed covers from The Temptation, Johnny Cash and Old School Blues. Nonye later sang for the Queen of England at her performing Arts School. The musical song she performed then was called “Godspell”; her number “Day by Day” was the Queen’s favourite. Later that year, Nonye also appeared in Britain’s most significant TV Drama, “Eastenders”. Nonye appeared in a few episodes and many musical performances.

What is Nonye Toria up to, and what has she been doing? Interestingly, Nonye released a full Album in (2022) called Felicitas Saeculi. Nonye’s songs are on streaming platforms and national radio stations’ playlists and have attended Radio interviews, including Nigerian’s Independence Day 2022 at Faagi Fm, part of Ray Power Radio and Wazobia Fm. Nonye is also a songwriter and writes all of her songs. Nonye is a busy musician, entertainer and dedicated musician.

What is next with Nonye Toria? Nonye is working on her new “Single” and looking forward to a new release.

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